five times....jeez u sure it wouldnt be better buying in smaller steps than committing to huge interest payments?
iswear ppl get like 8-10x their salary...ur looking good i think.

iswear ppl get like 8-10x their salary...ur looking good i think.

that was like last year.....i asked hubby right now as he a bit more clued up on this and says 5 times not so easily available unless u have an interest only mortgage.
seriously dude u just left uni.... dont go mad buying a house... rent for a bit and buy a small property...pay that off...build up ur equity and then get a bigger building....

whilst ur young enjoy ur life..go on hols and get flashy cars....dont sit there paying ur interest off,.....u gotta live a lil as well.

i know its tough in london..if thats where u are.... but my friend is looking to buy there..they are well off...are renting at mo...and they say properies that are 800k are actually selling at 400k.....so if ur heart is set on a expensive property and u really wanna committ to it then really haggle the price down....but my advice.....live ur life and go easy on ur castle!

well the thing is.. I get a bonus at the end of each year and this isnt … well the thing is.. I get a bonus at the end of each year and this isnt counted in salaries for mortgages usually. plus I was looking to get a "oneaccount" to offset the mortgage with the rest of my income.plus I want to take advantage of the market crash..... wont have this opp for another 7-8yrs at the earliest which is probs when I would like to get another house...

it is really tempting i know....we got a ten yr mortgage. bought a 250k prperty in kent which is 4 bed detached...so nice and all..but wanted a 300k.... but then that would mean bigger mortgage. anyways....we got 6 years left of mortgage and like 140k odd left to pay but we keep seeing awesome properties really slashed in price, so now in under the 500k stamp duty mark, but just trying to resist... give it a few more years and build up some more equity...... but like u dont want to miss the opportuinty...hope that prices stay low a long time!
good luck...got no tips...so wont thread spoil anymore! u seem very much in control
Like MB - I have no idea. Sorry!! xx
Have you done a credit rating check to see what you are?
Do you need to buy some more trainers, Imran?
Get loads of credit cards and take money out and just link them to a ban which have enough money in it and rating will go up!!
get a few credit cards make a few small purchases and pay a small amount back over a year,, or maybe not
Don't do credit cards because it will look like your desperate for money. Each application goes on your credit rating. Take out a personal loan then pay it off early this will improve your credit rating. Nothing else you can do. You get a lower credit rating for not having any credit history. I wouldn't worry about it.
Take a look ]here for tips to improve your "credit rating".

Take a look ]here for tips to improve your "credit rating".

Top link! Will rep when i finish work.
Try looking here


I'm no expert but most of it seems to make sense, but it doesn't seem that strightforward....
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