if its not finding it automatically then you have to do it manually like yout doing, i dont think there is a quick fix for that. i had a load i had to do. took me ages

    The album covers shoule show up on your touch though!

    Hi mate, same here.

    I got a touch on xmas day, by the time my 8GB was half full I'd say only about 20% had the correct artwork.

    Loads just had that generic pic that the ipod touch uses.

    I went on to amazon and downloaded the artwork I needed (right click>>save as...) to a folder.

    So next the pics are on your computer, when your back in your itunes you can copy and paste the artwork onto the little picture meant for the artwork in the bottom left of the screen of your album folders. Should say "copy album artwork here" or something. Copy and paste a few hours away.

    Gonna take you a while.

    Alternatively you can go onto one of those sites where you pays ya money to get it all done for you.

    Good luck - mine looks sweet since I sorted mine.

    i had a look on yahoo answers and someone seemed to think that if you copy all of your music files from your touch to a folder on your hard drive and then import them to your itunes they would be on there then. not sure if itunes would recognise them as the same files though when they are synced. could get complicated.

    I use sonicstage from sony its a bit like itunes, free and finds the correct artwork and track listings, then add renamed tracks to itunes.…_dl

    In the advanced settings check rename the original file.
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