its been there for a is a warm button..

    I know it can make a deal colder.

    Happened when I voted lukewarm a while ago. I don't bother voting warm now. Hot , cold or pass it over.

    just tried 1 point

    learn something new every day - or shd i say every hour


    no prob imranmaz re: caturday. it's open - i'll catch you in the daytime, maybe post some more?

    work for me, it has been a busy week and will be the next few months (as it usually is), end of financial year people trying to finish their budgets etc. first week and i'm knackered!

    knew it was there bit when i've clicked it it never changes the temp for me.

    [QUOTE=imranmaz;4012561]yeah i always saw it but didnt realise it did anything .. i thought it was a separator between hot and cold....

    i thought that too!! good if ur a bit unsure weather its a good deal tho

    not again ^^ :-(

    just tried the middle button three times and this time it took the deals down 1 degree.…=12
    The answer is in this thread.
    It's a moving by one in the direction of about 20-30 degrees button!!
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