Harman Kardon Soundsticks II - look like something out of ann summers (you'll see) but really crisp and clear sound and the bass ain't that bad either - when its down, its down, when up it doesn't overpower but is strong

    for pc?

    the z-2300 have loads of bass but do have a knob for bass control, also you can limit bass in windows aswell dont forget.

    very very powerful speakers though if needs be, there was also another top notch set but i forgot what they were called.

    the z cinema one i linked has real good reviews. dunno bout the z-2300s…014

    Although not sure how long you would have to wait.


    maaan these look good if only they were black!kk thanks for your help … maaan these look good if only they were black!kk thanks for your help guys... i still have to think about this...... I may end up thinking screw it and get the z5500s even though they are 5.1... i've heard these cause my mate has them.... AMAZING!

    Exactly, I was ready to pop and buy these until I noticed Play only have them in white and the black ones everywhere else cost at least 40 quid more

    Thinking of getting bookshelfs now tho
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