Well you'll definitely see lots of tries as Viadana are an italian team and not a great team.

    Saracens are a decent team, have quite a lot of good players.

    Would expect Sarries to come out comfortable winners if they put out a strong team.

    Are you a rugby fan? or just going for a good time? just going for the experience?

    The cheerleaders will definitely keep you occupied if the rugby isn't very good!
    Easily the best looking cheerleaders i've seen. Make sure you take some pics of them and post on here!


    Lol i'll take my slr then! was thinking of just taking the compact!


    Have a good day and report back tomorrow.

    Did you have a good day? Enjoy the game? cheerleaders?

    LOL @ Watford (again)

    LOL @ Vicarage Road (again)


    who are you?

    The most influential member of HUKD.

    LOL @ you living in Watford.

    What was the score?


    go troll in ur own threads...

    Why would I want to troll? I am not like you.


    get out you fool

    Get out of where?

    Some good pics there.

    Hmmm they must have different cheerleaders this season, as last season they were hot.

    Anyway glad you had a gd day.
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