:lol: You're not going to get awesome sound quality playing off your phone - all stages of the audio setup are important - the source, the player, the amplifier and the speakers. To 'burn in' speakers quickly, place them so the cones face right next to each, ideally with one in antiphase (wired the wrong way round so it pulls in when in should push out and vice versa), play at a loud volume and cover with a duvet or similar for several hours to loosen the cones (the rubber surrounds are generally very stiff at first and loosen up after several hours playing, driving against each other speeds the process up).


    thanks jah! I'll just let em burn in naturally! have you got the same … thanks jah! I'll just let em burn in naturally! have you got the same speakers? or do you know about them? I just hope i got a good pair of 2.1s for watching movies with... picked them up for £85 from ebuyer

    No I haven't but I'm sure they'll sound better when driven by quality sources and given a few days to loosen up, its a normal thing with hifi equipment. Remember there are people (not necessarily the wisest....) who'll happily spend thousands on a CD player - thats overkill, but the quality of the source is still very important... - you wouldn't buy a Ferrari and use Tesco Value Motor Oil etc...
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