its most probably the cable ....... try resetting the driver for the port also

    my dad gets 100mb / sec using lan ..... my xbox gets 90mb/s using lan (its travelling along 3 cables so loses some speed :|)

    hey there
    could be lots of problems
    where the files are stored i.e. if they are off a USB device that will slower etc also disk usage i.e. if your thrashing your disk while transferring . also what the processor is up to and if anti virus / firewall stuff is snooping around too much

    only ideas though



    my dad gets 100mb / sec using lan ..... my xbox gets 90mb/s using lan … my dad gets 100mb / sec using lan ..... my xbox gets 90mb/s using lan (its travelling along 3 cables so loses some speed :|)

    its 100mb TOTAL speed, its has to send and recieve data at the same time it wont ever get 100mb a second altho the devices will say so :thinking:

    u lose about 10% with headers so 10-11 Mb is max, try routing the cable away from any electric cables, make sure non of the cards are set to use the 10Mb stndard, and also take into account some delay due to virus scan etc on the receiving machine.
    How are you testing this exactly?

    Check network card properties see if you have option to optimise for throughput or CPU. (Nvidia/Marvell have this option quite often(usually 10/100/1000)

    Pcmcia will probably be slowing you down for 1 thing depending on chipset and how it is interfacing.

    11 meg a second should be around max you will get on a 10/100 card if you update all to gigalan use at least cat 5e cable and configure so the slowest device goes between pc1 and switch so in my case Belkin 10/100 modem router plugs into gigalan switch number 1 downstairs(which connect to other gigalan switch upstairs) and gigalan switch 1 connects to my PC1(10/100/100 port) downstairs. I get around 26meg a second to 34 meg a second on my network.

    Windows hates small files in lots of folders this will really slow down lots of transfers and degrade connection speed etc

    you'll need to check the standard of your pcmcia device, earlier specs didn't have very fast transfer rates and i have seen 100mb ethernet versions from taiwan that had an internal bus only capable of handling 10Mbs without usual overheads so that would only leave about 6-8Mb which puts yours as bang on for the money.

    also ( but my thinking is somewhat clouded due to painkillers, but i'd be very surprised having read the specs that the hdd in lappy can actually read any faster than what you are getting
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