Looking for some help from those who have experience with ebay/paypal claims before. I have purchased items on ebay but never filed a dispute before and need some help.

    Here is a summary of what happened:
    -I paid for an item from someone in USA on Jan 10th
    -I still have not received it so I filed a dispute on paypal since I must do so within 45 days of my payment date
    -The seller replied saying he is willing to 'reship' it
    -But he has also escalated this dispute to a claim

    I still want the item but I need to protect myself for if I agree to let him send me the item, it might have be 'lost' in the mail. I am going to estimate the time this package will arrive to me to be 2-4 weeks. Will I still be able to get my money back after 4 weeks from today? Also, he escalated this dispute to a claim and according to paypal, 'By escalating a dispute to a claim, you are asking PayPal to review it and decide the outcome. 30days' I'm very confused about how if Paypal is going to investigate this, why is he still offering to send me the item? I tried to understand the documents on Paypal but this is too confusing. Please help!

    Will rep for helpful people. Thanks in advance!



    If i was you i would get on the phone to paypal and explain the situation just to cover your own back. Paypal will be quick enough to say no if you let it go over the 45 days


    As far as i know its usually the buyer who esculates it to a claim - so that paypal can decide if you get your money returned if the seller hasnt sent u anything or its damaged.

    Maybe hes doing it to see if they will decide in his favour? That way he wouldnt have sent you the item and you wont get your money returned. Im not sure though this has never happened to me, check his feedback and see what it says. Message him again (you should be able to do this through paypal so paypal can see the messages) and ask the seller why they have turned it into a claim if they have said they will re send the item to you.

    Hope you get your stuff!

    Seems to much trouble to deal with this seller just get your money back from paypal.

    Original Poster

    I looked back at comments posted in the dispute, at 00:34 GMT he said he is willing to 'reship' the item and I should let him know. But at 00:35 GMT which is 1 min after his comment, the dispute has been escalated to a Claim. And I am unable to even post anything right now to reply him. So I'm really confused as to what is going on??
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