seriously thinking about going to see Wicked when im in london in may...and my dad has always wanted to see les mis...was thinking of getting him and my mum tickets for their 25th anneversary this i take it you reccommend them?

    les mis is a fantastic show with great music... I agree... See this show... It will not disappoint

    Wicked was, erm, Wicked!

    Saw it last summer and despite a slow start - was very funny and a great show!

    Must say, really enjoyed Avenue Q too . . . . . v.funny

    I have only seen the Lion King at the west end....and that was the best thing i have ever seen..i was absolutely mesmarised by it!

    trying to get tickets to oliver with my mate (male) - (bit homo) but id love to see it, i love oliver!

    Gonna watch Les Miserables

    You must see Phantom of the Opera

    Blood Brothers is a good musical

    my fave was Star Light Express back in the day.

    Im a drama and theatre studies student and go down to london theatres quite regularly, also see a lot at the lowry in manchester which is just 20 mins from where i live.

    Theatre just gives you that extra dimensional feeling that a movie can never do.

    Shame 2 see real theatre less popular than it was really.

    I saw Les Mis a 2/3 years ago - excellent.


    I saw Les Mis a 2/3 years ago - excellent.

    same. good set eh!

    I didn't picture you as a theatre person Imran.


    I didn't picture you as a theatre person Imran.

    ive heard that imran has andrew lloyd webber posters all over his bedroom! :-D
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