What do you mean by you've ordered a 2.5in to 3.5in sata connector? There is no difference between the sata connectors for laptop and desktop sata hard drives unlike ide connectors where they were different.


By the way, forgive me if my early morning sleep deprived state is turning me slightly insane, but I am convinced that I didn't just dream that it was possible to plug my laptop's 2.5" SATA drive directly into my desktop. The cable connections are identical. So maybe you don't need one of these USB things at all.


What USB things? :thinking: :whistling: or you being sarcasticthis is … What USB things? :thinking: :whistling: or you being sarcasticthis is what I bought, didn't really need the cable but makes it neat and tidy

Sorry, I just wasn't reading properly. Late night, early rise, that sort of excuse. My thought was that you don't need a 2.5" SATA > USB adaptor or any sort of 2.5" SATA > 3.5" SATA adaptor to coax this software into working. If it requires that the device is hooked directly to the SATA ports on the motherboard, then that's doable without any additional hardware, since the power and data connections are the same for 2.5" drives as they are for 3.5" drives, so you can just fire it straight into the PC.
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