love it! bring it on

    *Looks for noose and a tough wooden beam*


    *Looks for noose and a tough wooden beam*


    glorified big brother, with dumber contestants

    Good to see The Apprentice back on TV. :thumbsup: I need more Sugarisms for the playground and at work.

    [LEFT][FONT=Verdana]"Fair? The only fair you're gonna get is your bloody train fare home." [/FONT][/LEFT]

    [LEFT][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Times New Roman]Love it! [/FONT][/FONT][/LEFT]


    Anita the first to go

    Complete shambles last night, think it was her 'budget' line that sealed her fate :lol: The other girl who was dragged back into the boardroom looked like a pleasant individual....not. No idea what companies employ these people - thankfully I don't have to encounter any of these ego-maniacs at work - the dude managing the boys team last night looked fresh out of secondary school and well out of his depth.

    Will no doubt watch next week though :thumbsup:

    They all seem pretty **** so far. We will see though, anyone else think its lame that half of the show was board room??

    Little Rocky looks out of his depth - claims to have his own sandwich empire he built from scratch yet surprisingly quiet about management last night - only 10 pubs dude piped up!

    Still it's good tv, but yes I agree, too much time wasted in the board room.
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