Dont know why they dont just post "DVD sale on at" and be done

    Maybe we can have different sections we can omit when looking through not that any offer bothers me at all. Like a tick box of what would you not like to see, groceries, entertainment but I guess that would inc games and you might want to see them. It might be better to just ignore them, just scroll past.

    Bored Imran? ....surely not! lol


    This is how its … This is how its done

    yes and then people still post some of them as "seperate delas"

    It's getting on my nerves aswell - but not as much as the voucher ones where EVERYTHING gets posted as a deal as long as you use the voucher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See where your coming from.

    sometimes i am too lazy and rely on the individual posted DVD deals to highlight them. Have picked up some cracking DVD's as a result of deals on here in last couple of weeks so i am afraid i will have to disagree.

    I agree,nothing i can do but scroll past them,i rarely buy cd's or dvd's so have no interest in them unless its for a gift.

    nope doesnt bother me.... maybe because i hardly go onto deals now.... best way to save money!!

    i prefer taunting children on misc.

    The price of Blu Rays in general is definately coming down so it's only going to get worse! :roll: At least DVDs seem to have hit a reverse ceiling at about the £3 mark.

    Yes - im bored with it all. Some people on here are obsessed with posting these deals. Is it possible to block deals posted by certain members?

    I generally just scroll straight past them all. As a rule i dont cosider dvd's a deal unless its a boxset at a pretty hefty reduction. It would be nice to have a filter option to remove them all and speed up my deal hunting.

    would it be worth havving a separate section for hddvd and bluray makes it asier to browse if u want them or not then
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