Found 3rd Apr 2009

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She got suspended for stalking! :w00t:

down under



looooooooooooools!oh she's in Oz? how long?

3 weeks

Back soon though.



:-( cool... I was hoping she could give KFC a detention

Nah... Exclusion would be far better.

Think she was back today - check the photo thread :thumbsup:

Yey !!!! She's back :thumbsup:

Back today , and also one the guardian photo competition while she was away lol .
1st prize Nikon D60 camera, lucky lady. :thumbsup:

does she know she has won ? if not would be a nice suprise

She said the camera arrived today, but don't know when she found out about it.

real friends>>>>>>>>>>>e-friends

Yes, I'm back!! Devastated that it took so long for you to miss me, Imran.

I did know that I had won the photo comp - or rather that you guys on here had helped to win it for me; thanks again.:thumbsup: I have unpacked the camera prize .... and two suitcases of mainly dirty clothes!!
Esq - you are a star.:)

18 - a bit out with the first digit.:w00t:

black gerbil1;4822676

real friends>>>>>>>>>>>e-friends

Nice you see you as well, stalkisimmo. Have we had the low down on the Italian Job?

so sad no-one done a 'where is lfc/lynds thread' :-(
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