sort it out mate, please?

    I'll take one. Cheers

    I have some for AL .....:thumbsup:

    Same rules as above apply....

    can i have one please?
    i got a demonoid invite i could give you if you want.

    Al take one thanks

    I'll have one please

    Me too please :thumbsup:

    na ill pass

    yes please

    Me please:thumbsup: Clear ur inbox mate its full!

    hey there your messages are full wotwot - if anyone has an invite they could send me please pm me!! xx

    Wotwot, let me know if you run out and I can dish some out (I think I have 6 left).
    From the few PM's I have had so far will have to wait til I get home...

    thanaks mate. good luck on the competition to invite the most people!


    ill have one plz

    Could I take one please...


    Funny thing is, I'm not even doing it for the comp! I just want to invite … Funny thing is, I'm not even doing it for the comp! I just want to invite new people, get more new blood on the site (what a word, heh). It's a great webby.

    you might as well do it for the comp. is there a limit on how many invites for acid? like how demonoid only allow 5?

    I will take one also if thats okay

    OMG - you referred to the name of the site in the description - blasphemy...

    I'd like one if you have any left mate.

    me 2 pls

    me please

    anyone have an invite spare for

    PM me and +rep if you do
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