Found 21st Apr 2009

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What bank is it as it doesnt say.


and if I read it properly, you are actually transferring the whole account from some other bank into your flexaccount. Not sure if that means the other account effectively gets closed.

I had hoped it was a transfer for just a selected direct debit or standing order but doesnt look like it.

good if you have an old 'dormant' account sitting that you dont mind closing.

nice, flexaccounts are amazing

Not 100% sure that this is the case with this one but I did the same when A & L had this offer on.

In my case I was always asked what I wanted to do i.e they would close my other account if I wanted but didn't have to and also when it came to swapping DD they sent me a list of all my current ones and I told them which ones I wanted to swap.

Again, not sure if this relates to Nationwide offer but in order to get the £100 I did have to let them switch some DD and also pay a certain amount into the account per month, I think it was £500, for the first 3 months


What's the chances of missing out though 1,000 people isn't a lot. You go to all that effort only to find you aren't one of the lucky 1,000.
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