What program and blank discs are you using?

    Try using ]IMGBurn and using some decent quality discs.

    I haven't made PS1 backups for quite a while but I think I used to burn @ 4x or 8x just fine.

    Maybe try another CD burner if you've got access to one, could be the drive?

    edit: I've never had problems with "Mr Data" cheapo ones or decent Verbatims

    you are using cd's yeah?
    just sounds like a stupid mistake easilly made

    they can be burnt at 1x,4x,8x plus, you could try a diffrent game, cd brand, software?

    Could it be that the way in which you are booting the backup is the problem?
    Or maybe the image you are trying to burn is bad?

    If neither, perhaps upgrade CD writers firmware? :thinking:

    it sounds like you got somthing wrong with the ps1

    I'm pretty sure that PS1 backups can't be booted using Swap Discs.

    The swap discs I have (Swap Magic v3.3) comes with 2 discs - one for CD based PS2 games and the other for DVD based PS2 games, none for booting PS1 backups.

    Google - ps1 backups on a ps2 - there are pleanty of tutorials on you tube.Think its better doing a disk swap on an old ps1 tho if you can get one :thumbsup:
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