I must admit I was wondering what to do with my ISA money this morning too.

My daughters money (The £250 the government give to babies) has been decreasing steadily over the last few years. I think she has about £170 left!

The Top Rate No-Notice Needed Accounts

Barclays 3.61% Online, inc 1% bonus. No transfers in

The top rate is from Barclays Golden ISA, which pays 3.61% AER, including a 1% bonus lasting a year. It’s instant access and you only need to save £1 to open it, though it doesn't allow you to transfer in previous years' ISA cash. New Barclays customers must apply in a branch, but if you've already got a Barclays account with online access, you can apply via the web.

For the previous two years, similar incarnations of this Cash ISA had awful customer service feedback, so we pledged to warn against it this year. Yet the Barclays ISA Feedback forum discussion showed that this year has been a major improvement, so we aren't!.

Rate: 3.61% variable AER, inc 1% bonus. Min. Deposit: £1. Allows transfers from previous years' ISAs?: No Access: Online/Phone/Branch

Natwest & RBS 3.51% Online & clean, good for transfers

There are a number of different accounts offered by the two sister banks.

New money from £1. Natwest and RBS's Cash Plus ISAs pay 3.51% AER from £1 instant access. To get one, you must have a Natwest or RBS current or savings account, but if you don't, to get these ISAs simply open an instant access Natwest e-Savings or RBS Direct Saver account with £1.

Top for transfers. Neither of the Cash Plus ISAs allow you to transfer money in from previous years, though a seperate Natwest offering does. The NatWest e-ISA accepts transfers, and pays 3.51% AER if you've got over £10k in it, or 3.25% AER if you've less than this. For more see the top cash ISA transfers guide.

CASH PLUS ISA: Rate: 3.51% variable AER. Min. Deposit: £1. Allows transfers from previous years' ISAs: No. Access: Online/Phone/Post/Branch..

E-ISA: Rate: 3.51% variable AER. Min. Deposit: £1. Allows transfers from previous years' ISAs: Yes Access: Online.

National Counties BS 3.26% Inc. 1% GUARANTEED bonus until April 2010

A further option is the Guaranteed Cash ISA from National Counties. It pays 3.26% AER and guarantees to be at least 1% above the Bank of England bank rate until 5 April 2010. You can open the account online, by phone, branch or post with amounts between £1 and £3,600 although transfers in are not allowed until Apr 2010.

Rate: 3.26% variable AER. Min. Deposit: £1. Allows transfers from previous years' ISAs?: No Access: Online/Phone/Branch/Post
im very interested in this too
i've gone with the first direct cash isa to transfer and put new money into. The rate is about 3.10 so not the best but there is no penalties for withdrawals so, the new money i'm putting in (along withthe transfer from last year) just below the total allowewd, then if rates go up and someone brings out a good rate in a few months, i can transfer to that with no penalties. Seems a good idea with things the way they are at the moment as rates might increase in 6 months or so. Anyone got opinions on this? I think i'm doin the right thing but advice is always helpfull...
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