what you jibber jabberin' about, fool?

    yeah i also had trouble, ive moved address about 6moths ago, the bank has my correct address and my card is assigned to the correct address but play says its not lol

    in the end i canceled my order.


    No problems here.

    Maybe the internet is broken, or you need to learn how to use a computer?

    DOB as in date of birth?

    business card, humm you a MP then .


    Business cards dont have DOB,

    neither do personal cards, i never use my real date of birth on an internet site


    So how am I suppose to use then ffs.

    i guess you either leave the box blank or use a false dob like i do, there is no way on this earth they can find out if it's real, just make sure u rem for next time u order

    to echo the first poster, are you still jibber jabberin' about this, fool? :lol:

    epic thread is epic
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