Get him down awwww poor little thing. Don't be meany!!!

    get the step ladder out...Im sure you wont see the point of the lesson if he falls odd and needs a vet...hes only a kitten....let him off!! hes so scared!

    Full rescue needed as the poor kitty is scared:thumbsup:


    pity .. air rifle would help get it down

    woman get the hunky firemen out wass up with you lol



    lol, I thought taser was more your thing?:p

    mmm good thinking I could taser the owner for letting the cat get up there in the first place :thumbsup:


    woman get the hunky firemen out wass up with you lol

    Fire Brigade are outside mine, did you phone them sparkle? Are you my annoying neighbour?



    wut?!! How the heck am I supposed to control a cat?:p

    your the owner go figure :w00t:

    My cat keeps on getting stuck places - she fell behind the sofa and got stuck, she got locked in the drawer under my bed as I didn't know she had crept in there, she fell the wrong side of a fence and couldn't get back in . Bless them though, they get all loving and appreciative when you help them out.
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