Found 13th Jul 2009
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Carphone Warehouse and mobiles.co.uk both give decent quidco hun
What type of phone are you looking for nikki, i'll have a look around for you.

Memory card for music?
Slide phone/Touchscreen/'Candybar'/flip?

Hi Tom Thank youMust have camera 3 Megapixels or aboveDont really need … Hi Tom Thank youMust have camera 3 Megapixels or aboveDont really need any music stuffBig screen if possibleSlide phone if poosibleOh and lightish in weight 100g or below if poss:thumbsup:


£60 there in pink, and probably £10 to get it unlocked. It has a 5 Megapixel Camera.

£99 there on o2 (There is a 15% off code if you wanna risk it)

£89 in pink.
tesco & also argos have some fab offers on often

Thanks Tom will have a look x

It's a nice phone, I always wanted it a while back but never bought it for some reason x
Is it okay if us horrible people suggest things too? It's just, I was wondering, could you tell us anything about your little sister (how old she is, what she uses her phone for, how much she uses it, whether she's an endless blab or not, what she looks like, her bebo, etc)? Depending on how she is, it might be possible to find her a really good deal with perhaps someone else, or maybe with a 30 day rolling contract, or something else. It's worth a look.

Your not horrible?She is typical teenager and just really uses it for … Your not horrible?She is typical teenager and just really uses it for texting and taking posey pictures of her and her mates, which she then uploads onto facebook!PAYG would be best tbh cos she pays for it out of her allowance - thanking you :thumbsup:

I totally am horrible. S'like, Saturday, I totally ruined my mate's day. We met up at about noon, by which point he'd already become an insanely irritating hyperactive cannabis-fueled monster, so me and the other two just had to psycologically torture him for the next few hours. It's the great thing about cannabis, it makes people so paranoid that they become paranoid about being made paranoid, so it makes it incredibly easy to mess with someone. The other great thing about cannabis is that the mind gets all muddled up, and imagination, dreams, short-term memory and long-term memory all gets merged into a single stream of thought, which makes it painfully easy to get confused about things. That's pretty much why I had to quit drugs myself. Anyway, this lead to moments of conversation like:

F: "Hey, can you guess what this is?" [taps out a drum beat]
Dx: "Um"
F: [keeps tapping it out]
Dx: [shrugs]
F: "It's the intro to Smoke On The Water by the Purple"
Dx: "Jesus."
Dx "...oh. By the way, do you know that they're not actually called Deep Purple? Only one P in the middle there."
F: "Whuh?"
Dx: "Yeah. Deep Urple. People just say it too fast, and get confused"

I think this nugget of lie pretty much broke the poor boy, to the point that he was in such a huff later on that he ended up being univited from his best friend's 21st birthday night out. So you see, I really am horrible.

Anyway, the reason I was wondering about her usage is because I was wondering if she'd be anything like my likkle cousin, who's enough of a blab that she wrote something like 3000 texts last month. She's on Vodafone's ]30-day rolling contract plan, which might be worth a look, since it could work out a lot cheaper than PAYG, since it's only £15 a month for 300 minutes and unlimited texts, which works out at about half what O2 would want for the same on PAYG. I know this has nowt to do with what you were actually asking, but it might be worth thinking about.
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