maybe the dial has slipped try it on the settings on either side?

    Sounds a bit obvious but have you checked the batteries/power source. Mine goes mental and won't work properly unless the batteries are quite new/fully charged.

    You did not say what model camera you have but a quick search on Google (is your friend!) says that a number of firmware upgrades are out there for these cameras to cure many different problems... check this site....…ws/
    and have a look for yours, it may help.

    What was it then?

    I wuz gonna say reset it or take the battery out, wait a few seconds and shove 'em back in. - give it a resetting it won't forget.

    The alternative is a solid workbench and a lump hammer

    Sorry to be bearer of bad news but sound like the barrel mechanism is probably broken (fubar'ed) - i've known a lot of other cameras break this way and generally they are beyond economical repair...
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