I didn't even know what it was :oops:

    I really want him !!, but the password you gave does'nt seem to work

    sweet, your guy was good man

    some wan*** has taken him without saying a thing tho

    shame i could of trained him to be as good as mine mate lol just kidding mate, we had a good battle on there

    Edit: my brute is nonamewarrior people try if you think your brute is good enough ( not people that have played it for ages though, i dont want to be given my a*** handed to me lol


    Dont forget to join the HUKD … Dont forget to join the HUKD clan day you can be as good as me! :-D

    just joined your clan :thumbsup:


    just joined your clan :thumbsup:

    Accepted :-D


    Accepted :-D

    cool cheers mate
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