kyalion;5930950 out Andy Dawson's reply in this to Lenin.

    Wow thats pretty poor - no wonder the comments are worse.

    BTW the hair salon story was taken from a thread posted in Misc and then removed - there is a thread discussing it here…yin

    whats bitter wallet?..........


    whats bitter wallet?..........

    Its a website entirely devoted to unflattering articles about Ryanair or Iphone, targeted at adolescents who think its big to swear.....:thumbsup:


    whats bitter wallet?..........

    Try clicking on some of the links above :w00t:

    I don't bother reading Bitter Wallet anymore. I'm no prude but I was shocked when I first clicked on it.

    Its allowed because nobody reads it...

    The reason, I think, is that the two sites cater to different markets. Bitterwallet is designed to lure consumers in to here, here is designed to keep conversation as civil and unsweary as possible since advertisers are of the opinion that advertising through an unpleasant site brings their brand into disrepute.
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