If you are on virgin media this is my guide i wrote on another forum, if not change the virgin media address to one you get off giganews or whatever.

    Firstly download Alt.Binz

    alt.binz | Usenet progy

    That will be used to download the files.

    Then you need a place to get the files (NZBs), i strongly recommend Merlins Portal (requires registration).

    Merlin's Portal - Powered by It's Member's For It's Member's

    Now, when you have opened up Alt.Binz in the setting option (think it pops up when you first install), create a new server using the address and use port 119 and in the "connections" area type "20". (Ps. you don't have to enter any password so leave that bit un-ticked).

    When you have found the file you want, for example on merlins portal you find the file you want and click the "Thanks" button at the bottom right of the posters post, then refresh the thread and a download link will appear. By the way i forgot to say you need to download WinRar...

    WinRAR download and support. WinRAR is a powerful Windows tool to compress and decompress zip, rar and many other formats: Download now

    Now extract the file that opens in WinRar, do this by right clicking the file name and then click "Extract to specified folder". You can save this to the desktop.

    After that open up AltBinz and click the NZB option (has a green arrow pointing down) and it will open up a box to locate the file you saved to the desktop. After opening it click the "Connect" button in the top left and your download should start.

    If the file is over 7 days old it won't work. Depending on what connection you have the speed will be better (obviously). For 10mb connection you can download a typical 700mb movie in say 10-15mins and so on.

    Hope this helps you mate.

    This is what I did:
    Get an account at Giganews - SSL encryption advisable! ;-)
    Get an account at NZBMatrix
    Download Grabit and put in your login details from Giganews.

    Go to NZBMatrix - search for content - download the .nzb file which is openable within Grabit.
    Grabit will then download.

    Or, indeed, as per post one!

    Giganews is the best but also the most expensive, Astraweb is probably your best choice at $11 per month for unlimited downloads or $25 for 180 GB that isn't time limited.…tml

    I use Astraweb never had any probs, maxes out my 20mb.
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