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Dress her up as a spider and make her feel part of the gang

if you get an answer I would be interested......spiders make me feel sick and then I cry :oops:

Avoid hypnosis, load of rubbish



if you get an answer I would be interested......spiders make me feel sick … if you get an answer I would be interested......spiders make me feel sick and then I cry :oops:

how old are you again bits? lol :?


how old are you again bits? lol :?

21 :whistling:

I know ....its terrible and I have passed the phobia on to my kids :oops:


Avoid hypnosis, load of rubbish


I would not hypnotise a child!


have you tried any sort of books or maybe visiting somewhere that keeps them sorry dont really know just trying to help as my son was/is like that but he thinks they live in the hoover and have just got lost so even yesterday he took the hoover for the 1st time himself and put it back home! is this the wrong way :oops:

Hand the daughter back to her rightful mother and put the flower vase down? :?



she has got me at my wits end. she was seriously blubbing last night, I … she has got me at my wits end. she was seriously blubbing last night, I don't get it?!!!!!!!!I've tried explaining they (the spiders are only after eating dust and they do a good job\\) but she won't have it, seriously she was hysterical, total phobia, wuss that she is.

tell her if she doesnt get over her fear of spiders they will detect this and eat her while she sleeps

How about some stick insects or a spider as a pet?

I try the "Look how small it is and how big you are, it can't eat you" to the 3 year old and "It is minding its business, you mind yours" to the 5 year old. Works around here:p



How about some stick insects or a spider as a pet?

Shes has a phobia of spiders and you think she would like one as a pet :whistling:

You may aswell hand a vegetarian a big mac

Drop a bucket of spiders on here head like 'I'm a cry baby get me out of there', that program.


lol, you meanie, but I get you, That thought had crossed my mind at 2.30 … lol, you meanie, but I get you, That thought had crossed my mind at 2.30 am this morning:whistling:

It's either that or swap her for a westlife cd.:w00t:

SS!!! Hi :-D I used a hypnotist thirteen years ago to stop smoking and can't bear to be anywhere near cigs, worked for me and just felt sort of relaxing and nice.
Wonder if it would work for my fear of Westlife, Boyzone and Bono!!!

Probably best using the in-vivo or the in-vitro techniques, where the victim is exposed to either progressively larger dosages of the subject of their fears, or immediately assaulted with a major dose, but in a way that they can escape from easily. The former is nicer than the former, but it all works on the same principle, which is that unfamiliarity is what creates fear, so familiarty, whther it be a sudden exposure to a vast amount of it that turns out to be not so bad afterall, or whether it be a progressive series of slightly bigger spiders that all turn out to be not much more scary with the ickle baby money spider that you started with, ultimately removes the girl's fears. It might need repeated attempts before it works (ten years of gaining a fear vs an hour of trying to get rid of it; it's not going to be an instantaneous thing), but it's worth a shot.

Years ago my brother was afraid of bees,my mum took us out in the garden had a picnic really relaxed time and then she found a bee and got us to look at it.After a while she picked it up and stroked it, then put it back.
My brother said nothing but after a time he got over it and eventually had a real love of them and still strokes them now, he's 50 now!!!

i had hypnosis for my fear at dentist and it worked really well dont even have injections for fillings now not a hint of nerves but i dont think anyone would treat a 10 year old sorry i couldnt help hope you get sorted phobias are awfull

Damn you Star Sparkle -

I am now singing Brian Adams - look into my heart - you will find! (Everything I do)

and just so you all don't miss out.....…=17

Systematic desensitization is a treatment wherein the person will be slowly exposed to spiders, from images and pictures to actual live eight legged creatures-until they will be able to conquer their spider phobia and not be anxious seeing a spider around.


yeh thanx Marina, my 10 year old will really understand that,lol:p

You saying it won't work?:p

Hi Star:)

LIke dxx and Marina are saying - it has to be exposure or it will never pass. They're not saying talk about it in those terms but do it. BUT not to real spiders.

No point in talking inaccurate rubbish - get the gen - what those spiders actually do. Get her to do the research; it's easy on-line ( turf your mum off pet!!) and some reward for investigating each aspect. What do they eat? How do they reproduce? How many eyes and how do they work? Webs - brilliant. Trapping horrid germy flies - brilliant. Crawling over mum's arm being tiny but cool - brilliant!! And on you go.

Under no circumstances expect her to have spiders actually on or near her. That would be lunacy.

Well - large bold and shocking pink - who is the favourite in this thread. Pftt....

I'm no expert but I stand by my suggestion earlier, if she knows where the spider is and feels she has some control over it she may learn they won't harm her, if she wouldn't cope with a spider I'd try some stick insects. She might always be scared of crabs though:|

It might be just a hang up of mine but I don't think I'd ever want my children to be hypnotised.

Then again.......You will behave as daddy wants at all times:? where do I sign:w00t:

Like others have said, you really need to overcome the phobia by getting her used to spiders. By definition, what she has is an irrational fear, and she won't get over it unless she becomes familiar with the object of her fear.

When I was a kid I couldn't cope with spiders. I refused to be in the same room as one - I became hysterical anywhere near them. I did find the stuff I learned about them in school fascinating, but still couldn't bear them - expecially when they moved (cue screaming!!)

I finally got over it as an adult, when I lived alone. There wasn't anyone to get rid of them for me so I just HAD to do it myself! (I started off vacuuming them up, which I'm not proud of, and even that left me like jelly). Now I can cup them and put them out no problem.

Maybe take her to look at some in the garden? Stand a safe distance away and watch one spin a web?

Or put conkers everywhere - spiders don't like them!

get her a cuddly spider and move up from there

show her the harm flies etc can do and therefore the relative good spiders do in scoffing them
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