Yes i do this. On my work phone i just went into the setting and changed it. hold on a sec and ill let you know how i did it. ill get the phone and have a look!

On my nokia i went into settings, then call, the call divert, select divert all voice calls, activate, then type the number you want the calls to divert to.

Thats it!

Remember you will be billed for the call between your business mobile to your other mobile.


So if someone rings me on my business mobile number and the call is … So if someone rings me on my business mobile number and the call is diverted to my personal mobile it is billed to my business mobile?

i didnt realise it did that! that means the phone companies are getting double bubble. As bother the caller and the you will be cahrged. I didnt reailse that. My bos wont be too happy then! ****!

Basically you pay for the section of the call between the phone you divert from , ie its like you calling your own phone from your business phone.

So say I call your business phone , i am charged just to call your business phone and then you pay for the part that diverts if you see what i mean.
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