If it's been returned once before then does the purchase date not go from the new one you got when you returned it?

    I would take it back to the shop, they will most likely have a record of you buying it on their system.

    So how does the EU rule change things?The EU directive in question is … So how does the EU rule change things?The EU directive in question is 1999/44/EC. The full wording is contained ]here (open the word documtent and scroll to page 7) but the important bit is this: 'A two-year guarantee applies for the sale of all consumer goods everywhere in the EU. In some countries, this may be more, and some manufacturers also choose to offer a longer warranty period.' As with UK law, a seller is not bound by the guarantee 'if the (fault) has its origin in materials supplied by the consumer'. But the EU rule does not require the buyer to show the fault is inherent in the product and not down to their actions. The EU rule also says buyers need to report a problem within two months of discovering it if they want to be covered under the rule.

    I think DM Tech stuff come with a two year warranty direct.

    I had to send a combi back a while ago. They were great, collected and returned ok.
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