I'm in process of buying...just wiating for it all to get sorted hopefully exchanging next week! Things we asked were:

- What council tax band is it in

- How much are the water rates?

- When was the boiler last serviced, and do they have a service contract on it?

- What the neighbours are like

- What parking is like (it may be useful to go at different times of the day and see for yourself)

- How long they have had the property, what changes they have made - then go and check [url]www.nethouseprices.com[/url] to see how much they paid before putting in an offer

- Also ask to see the HIP before making an offer, this will tell you about things like cavty wall insulation etc and what could do with being done.

Hope this helps

Ask about the neighbours - any problems etc
Heating system - how old and servicing
Any improvements with guarantees - windows, conservatory
Electrics - how old any probs
How old damp course

don't u have to ask how old is the house,I think that's the first question u have to ask,

I was told my neighbours were great.
There utter *****s.
1 side washes his car every day...in tight little 80's shorts...hes fat...when hes not washing his car hes cutting his grass.
The other side is a 40-50 year old **** that acts like shes 18..brings home men all the time..gets drunk and sings ****** amy whinehouse songs until 6 in the morning.

Yeah there really great.
I get my own back by pissing in there gardens

You've got some great advice there. You might want to ask how long it takes to get to/from town at rush hour by car or the time it takes to walk to the station. Also, if there is mobile reception and broadband (if you're moving to the countryside this is not guaranteed). I'd probably ask what their current utility bills are.

The owners of the house we looked round wouldn't leave our sides (the house did have lots of antiques and paintings), I think they were just being cautious. But what we did find out was that behind the heavy net curtains, some of the double glazing sealed units had blown and therefore needed replacing. Also 3 of the windows only had secondary double glazing. We did buy the house and found these things out after completion.
I wish we'd asked the estate agent for a viewing with the estate agent showing us around instead of the owners (if possible). Easier then to look in places like airing cupboards or fitted wardrobes or understairs storage.

Good luck (remember, it's your money and a lot of it too that you are spending, so don't feel too bad about having a good look around).
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