awesome pics..especially the second one!!!..thanx for sharing.

    r u sure they're not copy n paste??..lolz

    anyway nice pics nite!!!

    SUPERB! :thumbsup:


    only have pics of my accommodation to show off.. sorry...

    Nice pics - you should put some in the photo thread!!:thumbsup:

    I've been to most of those places ( over my many years, you've certainly got about a lot!) but not Berlin ( I guess) which we've never really fancied.
    Can't stop to praise your pics more as I have to be up to get some packing done tomorrow.;-)

    Did you go anywhere nice then?


    Did you go anywhere nice then?

    lol you ptmf.

    Hi, good pics .. could I enquire what camera you were using ?

    Is that Spinalonga?

    They are great, you have been around a bit :lol:

    nice pics, especially the NYC ones

    Some nice snaps.

    Did you post edit the pictures in any way, the pictures look a little pale/bright (in a bad way).


    hi, good eyes! it is spinalonga!

    I went about 17 years ago when I was 11 or 12! Just stuck in my mind, an amazing place.

    If you have photoshop (or any decent editing programs) just mess about with the contrast/brightness option.

    I would personally just up the contrast a bit and lower the brightness a bit.

    I dont have photoshop on this computer unfortunately.
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