Found 17th Sep 2009

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i couldn't read half of it!


whats so great about it?

wouldnt say it was the best auction, best description yes

lol just had a look , good luck to him for sure

think his brains been in the microwave!?


PMPL.............. To be fair his email address does look like english is not his first language.

oh my!

Doesn`t it make you proud of the great British educational system? :?

Is that BG1 ?

somdiz a wrose sillerp than me

I think he is "his brother"

LOL I microwaved it no work?


Rowsfl Is He For Real

Hahahaha it's got to be a p take this

hi it for sale iphone 2g faulty

it working before parfect on any network an exilenat condition but younger brother do stupid work he saw video on you tube some one fit 3g case to 2g phone but it dosn`t fit so he put in microvawe & it fit so my brother also buy new 3g case & put in microvawe after my phone dosn`t on & it main key & screen also do it repiar or use as spair.ANY QWESTION NO HIGIET TO CONTEC ME MY EMAIL AD:



How? I mean how does this stuff get on there?

Looks like him and his brother share a brain cell (until it got microwaved !). . .

wtf, rofl, i think they should learn english first.........:lol:
how silly do you have to be to put your mobile phone in the microwave of all places

OMG that's so funny!:thumbsup:

Hot from me


Hot from me

And for the poor iPhone !! There it was minding it's own business, downloading the odd app and then. . .

Imagine the sparks !
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