item Number?


    /\ see pic, i don't want you lot bidding on it :-D

    Depends on which bike too :whistling:

    You would need a new frame ,Something that has done so much damage will almost certainly of done damage elsewehre which will be hidden by paint.If the components are good it may be worth buying and swapping over to a second hand frame,

    whats the frame made of ?

    ali can be welded, steel can be welded,carbon composite not sure.

    Depends what the frame is made out off. Sometimes you can cut below the crack and just put the seat post in and away you go. Cant do that here by the looks of it.

    With a crack like that he must have been left with a sore ass. :? :thinking: :-D

    Dont buy this bike!
    It has been used by a fat bloke.

    £2k for a manual bike really?


    Scandium Clump :?

    sounds like an illness:whistling:


    sounds like an illness:whistling:

    Sounds like someone from Stockholm with constipation.


    i ahree with the guy who said if its metal it can be welded

    It will probably go for more than £500 for the bits,

    It's FUBAR. Time for the tip.

    Will probably cost ~ £150 to repair (2 - 3hours labour and parts).

    The tricky part will be to come up a construction that will allow you to still adjust the seat height afterwards.
    I would probably replace the seat post with a much longer one and clean up/weld a small piece of tubing to the top of the frame (will certainly take several attempts to get that part right).

    Aluminium shavings are highly flammable, hence the work must only be done by an experienced welder, that has previously worked with the material.


    Thank-you for taking the time to anwser.

    I thought you were kidding when you said £2000.... a carbon fibre saddle post? That thing must be worth more than my entire bike! :w00t:

    Did you win the auction?
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