There can never be another Mr T

    Another classic spoilt........:roll:


    The tv show was repetitive, cheap, badly written rubbish.

    Can't see the film being much worse.


    [SIZE="5"]spoiling a classic [/SIZE]or looking forward to it?whats are ur … [SIZE="5"]spoiling a classic [/SIZE]or looking forward to it?whats are ur thoughts?

    Why oh why do they have to degrade the originals by churning out crap remakes of it or movies of it many years later.


    I pity the fool who thinks this will be any good.


    The thing with nostalgia is it blinds us to the reality of how rubbish some movies/shows were.

    The people who think the A-Team is a classic are the type of people who would were a t-shirt with an A-Team slogan on it.

    the A team was fun while it was on telly-I could never go back and watch it again now cos I know it was cheesy trash-the film will be dreadful and I think most people have guessed that already.

    remember the starsky and hutch movie?

    I have the complete 5 series which I watch from time to time,excellent show in its day,good harmless fun

    Not sure about this film but will have a look when it is released

    never be as good as original

    spoiling a classic if you were brought up with it, people who are 18 dont even now who mr t is
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