Think its ok. Prefer Chase & Status Ft. Plan B - Pieces. Now that is a sick tune.

    End credits owns all of these

    was gonna say that is that not the chav out harry brown which is a superb film

    all of his songs are quality


    Sick Song Litually lol

    Isnt that the guy off Adulthood?


    yep he's in that too

    never imagine him as a music artist, but im listening to the album on spotify now, and its just what i was looking for something a tad different.


    yeah man, i just discovered him a few days ago aswell. don't know why … yeah man, i just discovered him a few days ago aswell. don't know why he's not in the charts/more famous, when ***** like n-dubz are!here's a few good tracks of his to check out.

    Cheers ill give them a listen later/tomorrow. Just listened to the album: "Who Needs Actions When You Got Words" and its really good, he is actually talented! And by the sounds of Stay Too Long we can expect some top tunes from him.
    Havent even heard it played in any pubs. Think the problem is it covers wide genres, Stay Too Long you could easily say is Rock, but then its got Indie traits, whilst other songs of his are more hip hop and rap. He is somewhere in-between Eminem and Mike Skinner with a bit of RATM thrown in.

    I like it, and I think we will see more of him this year.
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