Shoot it in the head

    yes my cat sleeps on my feet and it aint fair



    LMAO, can't believe I clicked that link, very droll.How's you my lovely … LMAO, can't believe I clicked that link, very droll.How's you my lovely Hukder?Good I hope:-D

    lolz @ clicking the link..."Nutter" pun intended

    I'm good thanks SS...tripping the light fantastic as always!! ;-)

    Our cats only drink water from outside, flower pots, puddles etc., yuk, someone told me it was because of the trace minerals. Since it's been cold we've let them sleep in our room instead of the conservatory and given the chance they sleep on our faces but if not they go for our feet instead.

    My cat tried to sleep across my throat the other night, think it's trying to tell me something.


    mabe it smells cheese and stays there in case a mouse smells it too

    Some cats are fussy and care about what is built into their DNA.

    cats in the wild (from big to small) will never eat at the same place they drink from because they know what ever they have killed to eat will go bad eventually and may pollute the water supply.

    Because of this cats have a built in instinct where they associate running water as fresh water.

    So the fussy cats would want:

    food far away from water bowl
    food and water far away from kat litter (if you use it)

    Ive had cats start drinking out of a radiator that i was taking off / emptying the silly mupets.

    of coruse some cats dont give a toss they tend to be the fat lazy ones

    my dog sleeps on my feet too


    pic of him SS?

    Seemingly cats do not like their water to be right beside their food. Try moving his/her water dish
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