Inb4 sob stories


    turn it off then, simple

    if you spend all day on anything it will be the same, tv, games

    go out and get some fresh air, job done

    what next? the lightbulb is ruining my life? lottery millions ruined my life?

    My mouse ate my sofa :whistling:

    My attention span is zero I couldn't get past the first paragraph

    1. Its making you stupid
    Haha, because remembering addresses and phone numbers of your friends is super important information. Whereas getting access to websites such as NASA and CERN are for stupid people :thinking:

    2. Its warping your sense of reality
    People do not spend their entire lives on the internet, people still have to work, go on holidays, have a family..

    3. Its ruining your social skills
    The internet allows people who would otherwise have no social life whatsoever have a social life... So, I guess it isn't ruining their social skills :thumbsup:

    4. Its making you fat
    No, fatty food and no exercise makes you fat, the internet isn't force feeding you through the monitor

    5. Its turning you into an douchebag
    People are this way inclined long before they turn on a computer, you are either a 'douchebag' or you are not. The internet doesn't make you one..

    6. Its stealing your privacy
    Yeah, because walking around Manchester town centre, for example... Being spied on by 5 CCTV cameras per every 100 metre I walk is a perfectly private way of living :whistling:

    7. Its making you boring :-D


    I think the internet is great and it is the future. I am an internet fanboy hehe. Depending on how you use the internet it can be a pretty amazing tool and opens up a whole new world.


    i think the internet is a bad thing and of course a good thing aswell


    Whatsgoing on here? - i found the heading a bit long so i just skipped to the end


    internet is for geeks

    Internet has loads of free porn

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