Thanks mate im sure this will help people :):thumbsup:

    no pictures? lol good work, not needed for me my R.O.B. the Robot NES works like new lol but great for someone

    My problem is it mine is tempremental with whether it wants to read the carts or not.... I'm slowly buying my fave games for the Virtual Wii instead and gonna sell the NES for parts (sob!)

    Edit: Have previously fixed one by making the pins stand out more, but alas, I can't open this one up as all the screws have been rounded off :-(

    The NES uses component video? Surely you mean composite :-D

    Yes, that's composite (yellow and one or two phono audio connectors) rather than component (red, green, blue, red, white)...I was wondering if this was some strange mod or a windup initially.

    I'm going to dig out my NES tonight, haven't played it in a while haha

    Yeah, the RF leads are usually the problem if you have a bad picture. They can cause crackly sound as well. Seeing as they cost about £1 to replace, there is no excuse not to buy a new one.
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