ricky gervais is very funny! but depends what you are in to


    BBC stuff. like film reviews, comedy stuff, the naked scientist. stuff like that really.


    ricky gervais is very funny! but depends what you are in to


    Quite a lot of them here are the ones i recommend:
    The bugle
    Astromony Cast
    Skeptics guide to the universe
    Conspiracy Skeptic
    Sketptics with a K
    Little Atoms
    Righteous Indignation
    Football weekly
    Kermode and Mayo film reviews

    for games you got the ign uk and the hotspot for us games,
    for tech t3,stuff,techradar
    films mark kermode
    science the naked scientists very good

    chris moyles
    scott mills


    Radio 4

    I havn't for a while, Only ones i used to listen to Ricky Gervais & Frank Skinner on absolute


    Radio 4: Melvyn Bragg - In Our Time. Also Danny Baker's show on Radio London is very good.

    three red lights if you like games of course but its funny too


    Simply Syndicated have a large network of different kinds of podcasts - I'm sure there is something for everyone in here.

    You can download from itunes or other places.

    I think they are brilliant!

    Well...the daddy of podcasts is the Adam and Joe 6Music podcast...but they're on a sabbatical until, in the meantime:

    * Collins and Herring 6Music podcast (funny)
    * Collings and Herrin podcast (same people as above, but not on the BBC, SO much filthier!)
    * The Perfect Ten with Phil and Phil (Phil Jupitus at his filthy, funny best)
    * Desert Island Discs (occasionally you get some fascinating people on there)
    * Steve Wright podcast (easy listening, some great guests)
    * T3 podcast (amusing tech news)

    ...oh...and BBC 6Music's 'Tom Robinson Introducing...' if you fancy discovering a bit of new music - some great new acts in there, some terrible, but worth a listen for nowt...

    ...oh, and Coverville - a great way to re-explore some old music reworked in interesting ways...
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