Is it worth me looking at this after quite a lot to drink?

    Could you not summarise?


    Could you not summarise?

    The better qualified you are the more you earn.

    I can't see this shocking many people. For what it's worth, the data in this country follows the same pattern.

    doesnt seem to be that much of a jump from bachelors to masters degree like for the extra effort, time and money in getting that jump!

    OH MY GOD!

    Glad I'm doing that degree now... Previously I was doing it just for kicks, but now, I could earn more? WOW!


    (Nothing personal brah)

    Righto - thank guys!

    Depends also on what you do after the degree and what degree you get also. Do they break it down by subject?
    Averages/means can be pretty deceptive, but clearly there is more chance of good salary and status with degree related employment than waitressing.

    Job satisfaction?

    Oh and seen the latest UK analysis of sex ( or as we call it now - gender) related remuneration etc analysis in the UK? Bit of a side issue but one that gets me furious.

    i find with engineering after hearing about various people's experiences that if you want to get accredited to chartered status people end up doing their masters couple of years after they graduate with a BEng so you might as well do it and get more money :p:p


    click the link chesso. it's not a virus honestly.job satisfaction was … click the link chesso. it's not a virus honestly.job satisfaction was included in another article i read a while back but i wont look for it.

    OK - I had a look and my main thought was that social work was the least valued occupation in the US
    - QED????

    A society gets pretty much what it deserves when it comes down to it in terms of value and respect of occupation and the rewards afforded to those who may/may not make a positive / valuable contribution.

    It seems about right for the Masters degree thing. I'm doing a Masters and I don't know why, I'm nearly finished and I've got my first job which is the exact same one I could've got with just a Bachelors. However if I'd just done the Bachelors I'd have a whole years earnings + I wouldn't have shelled out the extra for the Masters. I can't see my Masters ever earning back the difference. The only benefit I can see, as ilovelilac has mentioned, is that if I want to get chartered status later on, I've already got my MEng.


    yeah, just loads of people actually do think that working their way up … yeah, just loads of people actually do think that working their way up the ladder is more beneficial. and that loads of people that get degrees are doing it because they are lazy/dont want to work etc etc... seen it come up loads of times man.I didn't say the infographic was revolutionary or magical or i would have called it the new iPad 3G

    Hmm yeah... I'm all for working your way up though.

    As for laziness - I know a few people like that But the majority of us actually want the degree to increase our job prospects. Uni sucks, I can't wait to get out and get a job - But getting a job is the hard part.


    you're smart when you're drunk

    I'm devastating when sober :w00t:
    ... but feel constrained by the mores of society, which, sadly, is partially true.

    in my work circles, a Bachelors is not enough. almost everyone has a Masters these days even the freshies lol ... the difference is what you make of it.

    if your goal in life is to earn as much as possible and retire early, then you should be prepared to work really hard and go down the fastest route whether it requires more education or not , in fact the main issue is drive.

    if your goal is to be an academician, you will still be doing papers and publishing journals until you're past retirement. time is not really a factor here.

    if however you do your Masters because you still have no clue what work to do after your Bachelors, you not only are inexperienced for the job market, you also still have to start from scratch. the job situation is highly competitive at the moment. the last recruitment ad we ran for a part timer position of 2 days a week attracted more than 350 applications. employers simply have little time to choose and if we have two candidates, one with Bachelors but has good experience vs one with Masters but no experience ... at the end of the day whoever is able to deliver will get the job.

    time to get ready for the next series of The Apprentice methinks!

    oh forgot to mention there was an article in Time magazine Apr 5th issue about the US data on 'Number of unemployed people per job opening by industry'.

    Education & Health 2.3
    Government 2.3
    Professional & Business Services 3.5
    Information 3.8
    Financial 4.0
    Wholesale & Retail Trade 6.4
    Leisure & Hospitality 7.2
    Manufacturing of No Durable Goods 7.5
    Transportation & Utilities 11.3
    Oil & Gas Extraction & Mining 14.2
    Manufacturing of Durable Goods 16.0
    Construction 34.8

    Wonder how the UK fares ...

    i never knew the difference between a bach and a mast could be that huge?
    i was thinking employers dont really care about the extra year and that it is better with experience instead.
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