What about 'eww, bugs'? Is that ok?


Woah. The first one and the lady bird one are aaamazing


i dont see no animals.. nice pics though


Nice pics

The Dragonfly face closeup is awesome.


numpty does ace work in north east? i swear i see him in the mornings … numpty does ace work in north east? i swear i see him in the mornings some times at like 8am... :w00t: i'm not even joking! he's quite sort right?i'll try and take a no homo pic next time i see the dude

Loool take a pic of a randomer 4 the lulz watch out u don't get your face caved in lol.

He goes to uni in london will not disclose where cos of the stalkers I doubt he is up in the morning and on a train but I dunno haha take the pic when/if u can and pm ill tell u yes or no...most likely be a no haha

Either that or just walk up the guy and say hi no homo? Then gauge by his reply lol

They look like Aliens..

Nature amazes me - like the ]Cordyceps Fungus that takes over an Ants brain... Stunning

Imagine if some higher power could replicate it's power on humans?

Thanks for posting links btw..

Pretty cool, although this one could just be a few pubes stuck on a turd:
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