N isn't really faster than G, it just has a better range

    well router is G thus limited to 54 anyways regardless of the N laptop.
    Thus your limitation will be in the hard drives anyway probably, with maybe some slow down caused due to network, especially wireless.

    Why don't you just connect the two laptops directly?


    no it is faster too. but you need to have all the devices inc router to … no it is faster too. but you need to have all the devices inc router to have the same speedyeah i know the limiting factor would be wifi G or the drive that's being read from and written to at the same time.I added the wifi speed for completeness of information.the device sending the data isn't actually a laptop

    I would imagine that the hard drive write speed on the 5200rpm would be about 30MB/s. So if you are getting considerably less then that, then might be an idea to just whack an ethernet cable in both and do it that way, that way you should be utilising full performance, or close to.
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