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Ring and ask...

ROFL!!! ^^^^


Ring and ask for a pac code.........


thanks for the ever obvious post andre.and err i did.. they gave me a … thanks for the ever obvious post andre.and err i did.. they gave me a worse deal than new contracts. i'm asking about people that asked for a pac code and magically the offers got a lot more attractive :thumbsup:

Then leave and rejoin if need be, or just ask for the pac code :thumbsup:
Remember you always have the power to say "I'll think about it" so dont feel pressured into leaving or staying with them either way.

Also when you phone them build up a quick rapport with the advisor, that is how I always get what phone I want on my upgrade. Sometimes takes a few calls before I get someone to chat to, remember they are bored at work...something to brighten their day such as a friendly person who makes their day a little better is more likely to give you what you want.

My last upgrade took 4-5 calls, and the final customer rep I spoke to I was on the phone for just under an hour chatting mainly. Got the phone I wanted, and got free internet included which at the time was £7.50 extra per month :thumbsup:

I have the Desire on Vodafone and as an existing customer who was nearing the end of my contract I got 300 minutes unlimited text and unlimited internet, but I did read that somewhere that Vodafone had now introduced a limit on internet usage, this is on a two year year contract and I did have to stump up up £40 for the handset.

I am well pleased with the deal I have and, as I am sure you aware this really is a superb phone.

I realise you are with o2 but hope this helps.

spammed,OP asking for advice then ridiculing people who offer it


hey cloud! hope you're feeling better these days!



That is sooo nice that you even remembered..... Yes, I am feelig a bit better now thanks, got some help from people and what not - and I'm back to chasing mices, and birds, and anything else that moves really!
I now GROWL - like you - not just meow!


Where do you find these funny things!

Norty sarcasim is soooooo funny!




I'm on T-Mobile and in mid-April they were telling me I'd be able to get it free on a £25p/m 24 month contract with 600 mins/500 text/internet, but when upgrade time came at the beginning of May, they had changed their policies on the Desire and wouldn't give it free for less than £30p/m. That's what I'm paying now and getting 900 minutes, 500 texts, internetz, and an extra bolt-on thing (didn't need any of them but have to take one, so just took the free minutes to the US and Canada).

o2 were quoting me £35p/m for 600 mins (I think), 500 texts and internet. I would've got £5 off my internet bill so I would have effectively matched my T-Mobile price, but I decided against it in case I ever decided to change ISP.

I think places like Phones 4 U or were offering better tarriffs with a free phone, as they take a sim-free handset and just give you a contract sim with it.

Oops sorry £25,00 month.


mate, i know how to get an upgrade, i am asking people that have desires … mate, i know how to get an upgrade, i am asking people that have desires on upgrade what kind of deal they got. do you have a desire on upgrade? if not then i'd appreciate it if you left this thread. I'd prefer no posts than irrelevant posts telling me things i know already.

Touché byker...and I thought you were alright...

More to the question do I want a Desire on upgrade? Or am I due an upgrade? Or am I even with O2?

If you know how to get an upgrade then get one, if you tell them what you want: what phone, what tariff, etc, and then set what price you would like it for. Then see what they say and barter with them.

Alternatively you could ask in the HTC Desire thread where all the owners are to see what they got :thumbsup:
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