Lesson 1.. Don't sell a phone on ebay to NON UK addresses...

    Did he pay via western union also?? And was it 20,000 Ugandan Dollars??


    If they win don't post it and say its been sent, then refund in 2 weeks


    If they claim it hasn't arrived no phone and they get a refund

    I would of made it a UK auction only... Any phones I put on ebay, regardless of UK. I get messages asking for a buy it now price, and payment via western union...

    I also put a line or two in my auction saying I am away of scamming and western union, it normally saves me from being hassled..

    Royal Mail will only insure mobile phones up to £41 with Int signed for or Airsure. You cannot increase compensation level.

    If it is international signed for the receiver has to sign, also abroad, so what's the problem? I buy a lot of stuff off ebay-uk, also already a phone, and find it quite annoying when people don't offer shipment overseas (I live in Belgium). I can understand that Nigeria etc. are on the black list but Estonia is actually a 'normal' country - ever been there?



    WHY?the two people so far have 100% feedback and have been with ebay for … WHY?the two people so far have 100% feedback and have been with ebay for a long time.this is the question i'm asking:international signed for only tracks the UK leg of the journey...what if the person claims it didn't arrive?what then guies? can i put the tracking code in the dispute and will ebay/paypal accept that it sent successfully if it only tracks for the uk?

    It'a a buyer what else could they have;-)

    For paypal you need ONLINE proof of delivery/tracking to the destination if over £150 you need the customers signature online also.


    that's what i'm saying. but RM say they only track the parcel within the … that's what i'm saying. but RM say they only track the parcel within the uk.if the person says it doesn't arrive can i put the tracking code in and will paypal accept. i'm not interested in the "if it aint uk dont send it" brigadethe phone is marked faulty anyway (touch screen is blown) i doubt it's scamming material.

    Just check the kind of transactions they have done previously. And as you point out, a broken phone is unlikely to be scamming - guess it won't fetch too much, or does it?



    yes but their feedback comments are good and spread out over years. i … yes but their feedback comments are good and spread out over years. i doubt they are lining up all that feedback to scam me out of a faulty phone.isn't international signed for online? i thought it was the same as normal tracking? it obviously wouldn't have the buyers signature though :\

    No. Unless you can prove delivery online forget it.

    i think you don't get compensation if you send phones abroad.. i'm 90% sure..

    Sold a Sat Nav to Latvia last year no problem. Check the ratings and keep an open mind. Eastern Europe are a much better bet than Nigeria.


    it's going to sell for about £100

    blimme.... oh well if somebody can fix it cheaply...

    but back to subject: personally I would feel less secure with Romania than with Estonia, but I guess one should also not search the danger everywhere. But I can understand your doubts and it p***** me off that a couple of black sheep destroy it for all honest buyers. (sames as a couple of rubbish sellers was I just had to experience recently...).

    As a buyer, having lived in many countries, I have bought from all over the world on ebay and hardly any bad experiences. And I have bought from countries that some would consider 'dodgy' such as India, Italy, ....

    In any case good luck. I had a check on the RM webpage and indeed they only trace to 30 countries, Estonia and Romania are both not included.

    use international signed for, it tracks in the Uk and then has to be signed when received.

    I've posted numerous phones overseas and always use this method, it's worked 100% for me.

    Clearly look at the feedback of your 2 bidders, if it's 2 newbies be more wary but if the bids are from accomplished ebayers, don't worry.

    Common sense needs to prevail. I've sold loads to the EU but mine have been buy it nows with strict buyer requirements. I get international signed for delivery, make sure they have decent feedback (and you can see if a uk seller has sold to them as well - if they have, it's a good sign)
    The only place I won't send anything to is anywhere in Africa.


    First off you're recieving bad/wrong advice here so far.

    To clear up International Signed For by Royal Mail tracks the item the whole journey. Where you are making a mistake is

    the Royal Mail WEBSITE ONLY track it leaving the UK, you then need to use the correct website (With your RMSF tracking number) for the country its sent to

    For example if you post it to the USA, it gets passed over to the United States Postal Service, therefore you use the tracking number on the website and it will track it all the way up until the person signs for it, and will also include an upload of their signiture.

    Hope that helps and clears up the misleading information you have been given.

    Edit to add more info -

    For proof of this you can use something I sent to the USA recently (I post around 10 items a day using International Signed For) the tracking number is - RJ340218211GB - try it on the royal mail site to say its left England

    THEN check it here =…htm

    to see when its been delivered and its confirmed
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