Listen to a Criag David album. Problems solved.


    Drop everything and go to Belgium for a few days.

    Sounds like you need a holiday mate.

    PS it's nice to hear that you are getting the good things in life.



    haha i would pick somewhere better than Belgium! Tokyo would be sweet!

    The whole point is to go somewhere to reset your brain. You need somewhere (sorry Belgians) a little bland and grey.

    You want somewhere akin to an immersion chamber, not a disco.:thumbsup:

    I do something like that when I've got a lot on my plate. Just completely alter your perspective and approach things from a whole new angle:thumbsup:


    [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]"so I have lots of things going on in my life right now (good things not negative things)

    things with work, friends, family, health/keeping fit, friends getting married, my own relationships too.

    but I feel so scatterbrained and feel like i'm being spread too thinly across everything! weeks feel like months! but days go really fast!

    I'm starting to lose motivation in some things that i'm doing an have started to drop the ball at some points!

    Do you guys have any tips that you use to juggle your life?"

    Robert Green, is that you?

    I agree that you need to stop and regroup a bit....try saying "no" to a few things. It's great that everything is going so well for you - and I hope that it continues - but you also need time out just for yourself, to just - be yourself! For some reason people view haing time to themselves (to read a book, chill at home with family, etc) as a very negative thing, but it's not, and if we don't look after ourselves, we start to lose the plot (not saying that you've lost the plot lol). Seriously, I would suggest that you take however much time you feel is indulgent (be that one evening a week or one day every fortnight or something!) and just close the curtains and have some time for yourself.

    entertainment value ITT? .....more detail required please!


    Sometimes when we have lots going on we can lose track of what we have to do when. Also, the things to do/places to be goes round and round in our heads and we feel unable to sort it out. Have you tried having a diary/writing a list. Might sound daft but if you have things planned out then you can see when you may have time and also not double book yourself. Even if your problems are around thinking about too many things at once, write them down so they don't whizz round and your head. It's good that you have lots of good things going on, but too many things to do, however good they are, is very stressful. As others have said, make sure you have some time just to be you. Keep an eye on what you eat and make sure you have enough sleep too.
    Also, is there anything that you can drop that doesn't really matter?
    Finally - is something worrying you that you're not dealing with?

    Yes to list.

    Prioritise, rationalise and be organised.

    If your diary is booked up for the next month then so be it - do whatever it is after that. Routine helps. I guess you have set times when you work out, go to gym etc - if not, then organise that.
    Am I right in thinking that you are still living wth your family? Does that mean that you get clashes of when you need to do things and when other people need to - like family meal times and so on? Could things be rearranged?
    If it's really pressure and stress at work that's the problem, then you need to sit down and think through what the situation is and talk to HR/manager/whoever if the work load is too great. They don't want an employee too over-burdened that he is starting to drop the ball. If they aren't helpful then just work steadily and give each task the concentration it deserves.
    You can only do so much.
    One day you'll maybe have kids and a working wife on top of all this, so it'd be a good idea to take things in hand now.

    ffs just live on the wildside for a while dude......forget about organising and rationalising your life......

    live your life fast and even better with the faster chicks...

    done, dusted and goodnight vienna...





    ffs just live on the wildside for a while dude......forget about … ffs just live on the wildside for a while dude......forget about organising and rationalising your your life fast and even better with the faster chicks...done, dusted and goodnight vienna.../thread:-D

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!!!!

    You'll have a lot more to worry about when you get older (trust me) and you'll look back and wonder why you didn't take your life by both hands and enjoy it!

    ...relationships: wont go into details here as i'll get flamed but it's good fun

    ahh....this be where the said entertainment sits......come forth and tell...and make the detail and shame all chicks....provide mobile numbers if need pm is fine so I can verify with said chicks.



    5 words...

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