Are you going to turf it all or just plant more shrubs, bushes in their place but with some colour? Maybe you could have a BYOB HUKD get together next summer??!! lol

    Bottle but if you still have that ring, I'll be the bride!! lol

    You sound very knowledgeable about gardening. Have you already got a design in mind? Do you have sheds or other outbuildings?

    I remember reading the trampoline thread and being amazed at the size of your garden. Certainly seems to be a lot of work there. Must be back breaking too. Are you getting any help?
    Are the workshop and shed usable or will they need to be repaired?

    To keep this on dentist doesn't sing but then I attend the dental hospital all the time as no ordinary dentist will go near me cos of my medical condition. I'm too much of a risk for them. The dentists there work in cubicles so no singing allowed!

    night...I'm away myself x
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