Good on him. He showed that he really wanted the job and even when he got knocked back he asked for reasons and persevered. Employees like that. Good to know some people in this Country actually want to work


    Hardly good news for all jobseekers out there. A job has now been taken off the market, I'd say that was bad news for the jobseekers out there.

    I hate working, why can't robots do the jobs for us.

    Indeed there are jobs out there.

    I passed my GCSE's but messed up my a levels by spending far too much time at the pub etc etc (which I regret now of course) so I couldn't go to uni.

    I was hit by a car and unable to work for a long time, when I finally felt fit for work I did the usual jobseekers (useless) and apply for jobs through job websites and had no success but I also sent out 30 letters to local web design companies (a hobby/passion) of mine offering to work for nothing (for experience) and I eventually got an interview offering me a part-time position (10-3:30 at £6/hour) but within 1 1/2 weeks I was promoted to full time (8:30 - 5:30 :() and basic full time pay.

    I have absolutely no qualifications/pieces of paper to prove what I can do, I just had to have the opportunity to show it.
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    I'm so happy to learn your friend has got a job. thanks for sharing such fantastic news with us.


    Will he be looking to move out or does he need tucking in too?

    I interviewed for a job this morning and was offered.

    Does he get discount on Big Macs now?
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