be a man, do the right thing!

    absolutely play dumb! they offered it,so take it!

    no good will come of it

    you'll end up with 2 contracts... lol

    If you phoned o2 then surely your now under contract with o2? Have you cancelled the one with the Carphone Warehouse?

    Take it

    . . . i know I would.

    What you paying and what you getting minutes/text/web wise with O2 on the new one?

    Due an upgrade myself anytime now.
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    Its sounds to me like you've got 2 contracts going at the moment anyway.

    You had a contract with carphone warehouse.
    You now have a contract with o2.

    They arnt the same company, you cant choose which one you upgrade to. Your carphone warehouse contract is still going unless you've directly cancelled it. Even though your provider was o2, your contract was with carphone warehouse.

    you only have 1 at present if you take the new offer you will 100% have 2 contract to be fair when they process it will more than likely flag up that the connection has been upgraded anyway but just to be safe dont bother tryin the scam lol


    hey guys, thanks for the advice, yeah i definately only have one contract … hey guys, thanks for the advice, yeah i definately only have one contract going at the minute and it really isnt worth the hassle if they start charging me for [email protected] Harlz, im on an 18month contract £25 a month, 900mins unlim txt and 500mb internet, and then got the blackberry bold 9700 could probably get a better deal, i had an iphone deal and that was shocking so this is a massive improvement.

    Cheers mate I'm currently on the £20 simplicity that got scorching on here last year, going to call instore later see what they can offer me, I currently get 800 min 1600 text and unlimited data, it may be that I am better letting this roll on though and keeping my current phone (HTC Hero).
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