lol BG I noticed that earlier but thought due to old age and contact lenses it had probably always been there!

    I just realised it was there, thought to myself wonder how long that's been there for!

    whatcolour was it before? i think I have been colour blind al this time!!!

    i noticed tht lol thought it had always been there

    Aw come on guys and gals....this is vital for the new site and more important that some of the other urgent fixes required!!

    of all the crap that is still wrong with this place I cannot believe they have found the time to put a slightly murky red colour button for a search function that is temperamental at best.



    Is it just on my iPad that it looks low res and a bit ****?

    Inb4 a mod says the site is fixed and al the major bugs are gone.

    Inb4 the schoolboy impresses us with his avoidance of acronyms

    and the fact that when I post/reply to a post, I get the last few posts showing up 2-3 times!!!! It's driving me potty!!

    the amatuers still havn't fixed the twitter and facebook bits underneath.

    and yep vb1 it looks as if some housewife from misc has knocked it up in 20 secs using paint on council computer screens as well.
    Edited by: "ants97" 2nd Sep 2010

    Glad I'm not the only one who sensed the presence of a graphical imposter.

    i noticed and realised it was new but couldnt remember what it was like before
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