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    Yeah I felt it was a really good game. No regrets in playing it, I thought the story was great and I loved the tie in with the original Mafia in Chapter 14.

    Then afterwards I got slightly annoyed by reading to the extent in which the game was stripped. Even the writer/director of the game said on his Twitter feed that Take 2 had butchered the game.

    So many times was I met with disappointment, in driving to the scrapyard or to the docks, only to be greeted with "Sorry Vito, I don't have any work for you". Why the elaborate map icons? Why does Joe say to check back with them for more work?

    I don't mind DLC, especially when it is done as well as games like Fallout 3. That is aftermarket material being made, to be implemented into the current game. Not taking away already coded parts of the game, only to sell them back to the customer.

    Apparently from what I can gather, from some of the unused text in the PC version of the game, you were able to buy different houses. As well as do vehicle missions and assassination missions (which I think is now in the DLC). With that all said I heard that there will be a DLC entitled "Joe's Adventures", which could be interesting.
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