Found 17th Nov 2010

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great :D.


Wonder if this will have the same effect it had on the PSP eventually. Could be the killer blow for Sony.

Best place to get 1 please?

Ive got 2 PS3s here both with broken blurays. Would love to know how i can jailbreak them seeing as i have no way of transfering the titles ive got onto hdd.

Any way of doing it to a 750 internal via tfp ? PS. i can source them so not asking that, just if transfer is possible without bluray ?

Just had a look at buying 1, but there is about 20!!! Can anyone recommend 1 please?

Once someone comes up with a better browser than the terrible current one, an XBMC type media player that supports more files and a way to make it multiregion on dvd and blu ray i'll hack it but probably not before.

Wait, those usb jailbreak things are a fiver now? Poor people who paid 120 odd when they came out

The PSDowngrade team haven't actually delivered anything yet. Just remember the fiasco with people getting their PSJailbreak orders. Yes, they've developed the technology to downgrade from 3.50 but when will the end user get their hands on it?

Unless you already own a PSJailbreak (bad luck) then just wait for this to be reverse engineered and ported to all the other USB jailbreak dongles out there.

The current situation with online play is that the latest payloads from Hermes and PL3 allow access to PSN/online gaming. Whether it's safe remains to be seen but both payloads now spoof 3.50 (3.50 games still require tinkering to get them working though) so that's something....
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