Why not just try normal decaf tetleys etc?

    I like Redbush tea. Naturally caffeine free and very tasty. Treat it like ordinary tea with milk and/or sugar. Takes a few cups to get used to it but once you do, you'll really like it.

    You will get used to it, mum had to stop having caffeine at one point and found it strange at first, now she can have it again but finds normal tea etc tastes wrong!

    She likes tetley decaf

    I started to find i was not able to sleep at night so I switched to Kenco Decaff and Tetley Tea Decaff. Now I can't tell the difference between decaf and ordinary (except I can sleep at night) - Have to admit I do have 4 sweetners in both tea and coffee so maybe that's why I can't tell any difference.

    Why did you stop? Just curious.

    I barely touch it myself, gives me the jitters and stuff.. even drinking Lucozade at any time after 4pm will keep me awake for half the night (yes, Im probably a freak! lol)!

    I stopped drinking caffeine products over a year ago to see what effect it had. I felt no different after about 3 months so i started drinking it again...

    although when i have the odd can of "Red Devil" ( a cheap redbull drink ) i go loopy at work...

    Redbush Tea

    Redbush tea, made like 'normal' tea. I prefer Tick Tock.
    Twinings decaff Earl Grey is second favourite.

    Tick Tock is good stuff..

    Ok Well, good luck finding your new tea/coffee! Im lactose intolerant and really miss my chocolate - that sucks too, so you have my sympathies!


    thanks for the suggestions guys! Nikki - I've been changing lots of … thanks for the suggestions guys! Nikki - I've been changing lots of things and cutting out caffeine is one of them.

    never tried caffeine free be honest I couldnt live without tea and biccies...even when I was going to the gym 6 days a week and got told off for not cutting it out of my diet hehe
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